Victoria’s Photography

Victoria's Photography Food photography is a challenging process.  The lighting is critical to the quality of an image.  Thankfully my kitchen is full of windows to help me make the most of the food's appearance. Victoria's photography is my attempt to convey food artistry on my website. I wouldn't call myself a professional photographer, only a novice.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hopefully, my photography will make you hungry.  


Country of Immigrants Immigrants forged by a country, molded by hard work and determination. They want a better life, leaving their country of origin is a difficult decision, their reasons for leaving are numerous. The world is a complex place, and people are faced with political persecution, another come for financial gain, even disasters from war and famine can force them to flee. Most of all they come for freedom to raise their family in peace and security. Whatever the reason, they come, to contribute their toil and tears to make this country better. Their desire to feed and nourish...Read More


Pondering..... I've been pondering the future this winter which has been long and blustery. I've enjoyed the cold gray days with a hot cup of coffee and my computer.  It takes a lot of time cooking and inserting my recipes into the website.  As you can see I've started cooking classes this March.  I'm excited to share my recipes with my community.  Each one has been tested and proven by the generation of cooks in my family. These tried and true recipes that I have great confidence in is what we will cook together. However, I'm a bit nervous since I've never done cooking...Read More