Celebrating Womanhood

I see great possibilities for being a woman. I know that we all are created equal in God’s eyes and that there is not the color of your skin or how beautiful you are, that will stop your success as a woman. My granddaughter asked my husband, “Who is smarter men or women?, I think men”, she blurted out. He smiled and said, I think you are mistaken, both men and women are equally smart. Everyone has the potential to gain knowledge and succeed in whatever they put their hands to doing. I was proud of my husband for giving my granddaughter encouragement and correction.

As a woman-run business owner, I find that it’s not always easy to be taken seriously in my giftings. I’ve worked for 7 years building my Culinary School. At times I’ve been knocked down and trampled on, but I always stood back up to press on, fighting to succeed.

Don’t stop believing in yourself, even if it is against all odds. I believe as a woman I can do all things through an inner power which gives me the strength to persevere as a woman, and so can you!


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