Day Classes

All class ingredients are used with Organic meats, dairy and vegetables 

Tuesday, April 16, 11am – 1pm, Greek Rolled Baklava Cooking Class, $75, Most baklava is made with butter, but this lighter version with olive oil is baked during the holidays, especially Lenten days when dairy is forbidden. The olive oil adds a buttery flavor, as well as being a healthier option. You can’t eat just one! You will bring 10 home for your Easter holiday.

Thursday, May 23, 11am – 1pm, English Muffin Cooking Class, $75,  Nothings better than waking up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee and homemade English muffins. Their tangy yeasty dough awakens the senses. I’ll show you just how easy and delicious these little muffins can be by adding sourdough if you’d like. We’ll top them with an egg, fresh basil and hollandaise sauce and try them with a decadent mascarpone and fruity jam.

Tuesday, May 28, 11am – 1pm, Summer Soup Cooking Class, $75, Delight the taste buds with organic seasonal veggies, we’ll make a cold Gazpacho Soup, great for those hot days, a Summer Minestrone filled with a bounty of green beans, asparagus, peas and basil. The soups will be served with a crusty bread.

Thursday, May 30, 11am – 1pm, Gnocchi  Cooking Class, $75, The word “gnocchi” came from the Italian word nocca, meaning knuckle. These knuckles are light, airy texture and full potato flavor making them a unique pasta with a long history in European cuisine. We will prepare one of the earliest versions of the gnocchi made with red potatoes and enjoy it three different ways: Gnocchi baked with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, Gnocchi with a fresh pesto, and Gnocchi with herbs.

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