Day Classes

In Person Classes are Opening up January 2021.

I am truly excited to get cooking with you again! We will start with the classes that were cancelled because of Covid. All those students that didn’t receive a refund can make them up at that time. If the class is not full others can join too.

Video Instructions for November and December

All class ingredients are used with Organic meats, dairy and vegetables 

Tuesday, June 9, 11:00am-1:00pm, Ravioli Cooking Class, $65, The romance of Italy is in their pasta. Ravioli are made everyday in homes by hand in Italy. We will make homemade pasta and roll them into a tender ravioli filled with creamy ricotta and topped with a delicious mushroom sauce and a traditional pesto sauce. Amo i ravioli!

Friday, July 10, 11:00am- 1:00pm, Italian Cannoli Class, $85 per person, My brother owned a bakery in Sun Valley, ID where he made cannoli for a local restaurant, his Cannoli, crispy, bubbly, and filled with sweetened ricotta, these cannoli are the pride of many Sicilian bakers and they will be the pride of talented students too. Deliziosi cannoli!

Monday, July 13,  11:00am-1pm, Handmade Chinese Dumplings Class, $85 per person Whether you’re steaming or boiling, there’s nothing that quite as satisfying as a dumpling, especially if it’s a handmade. We’ll make the ever popular Asian pot sticker, shaped, pleated and filled with ground chicken and vegetables. We’ll make a traditional dipping sauce and enjoy eating our labor.

Tuesday, July 21, 11:00am-1pm, Pad Thai Cooking Class, $85 per person, A famous Thai dish, Pad Thai is eaten all over Thailand. We’ll make it one of your favorites also. Rice noodles and a flavorful tamarind sauce, stir fried with vegetables, shrimp and eggs for this quintessential meal.

Tuesday, July 28, 11:00am-1pm, Magical Sourdough Class, $85 per person, There are a myriad of uses for sourdough. Not only does it make delicious bread, but added to muffins, pancakes, crepes it elevates their taste. You will learn how to use this miracle potion to benefit your health and well being. We will prepare, morning glory muffins, and vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as well as a sourdough mini loaf of bread you will form into a boule.