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Thursday, February 7, 11am- 1:00pm, Italian Calzone Class, $85,  Mama Mia the Calzones have arrived!  Sandwich-sized calzones are often sold at Italian lunch counters or by street vendors, because they are easy to eat while standing up or walking. They are often the meal choice for pizza delivery, since they stay hot on the motorcycle ride to the customer house. Our calzone meal will be stuffed with whatever you desire, veggies, meat, cheese and sauce. We’ll bake them and Mangiali tutti, eat them all!

Friday, February 15,  11am- 1:00pm, Chicken Enchilada with Red Chili Class, $85, Learn how to satisfy your craving for authentic Mexican chicken enchiladas. We will roll corn tortillas with a flavorful meat mixture and top them with an easy red sauce we’ll make with roasted and dried red chilies. You will satisfy your craving for Mexican with this class and want to make them for the family when you get home. They will be served with sour cream and guacamole for lunch!

Tuesday, February 19, 11am- 1:00pm, Danish Pastry Class, $85, The art of  Danish is so easy it will surprise you. We will make a delicious dough that will be filled with fruit and cheese, made into festive designs that will look so professional you will think you have died and gone to Valhalla, the ancient Danes heaven!

Thursday, February 28, 11am- 1:00pm, Middle Eastern Flat Bread Class, $75, Breads of the Middle East sustained and enhanced the culinary feasts they are known for throughout their history. You will make a Lebanese Man’oushe which is a flat bread topped with a flavorful za’atar, an Iraqi Samoon, a wholewheat bread studded with sesame seeds and a deliciously crisp Yemeni black seed bread. Each bread will accompany a homemade hummus and a thick cheese called lebnah. Delight in the flavors and satisfy your craving for unique food.

Friday, March 1, 11:00am – 1:00pm, Saint Patrick’s Meal, $85, We’ll celebrate my family heritage by making a simple shepherds pie, savory meat and vegetables with a fluffy potato topping, and learn the technique of a truly moist Irish soda bread and end with my version of Irish coffee. If you’re lucky enough to be Irish…You’re lucky enough!

Tuesday, March 12, 11am – 1pm, Risotto basics and Variations Cooking, $75, Risotto can be made into an elegant meal or as a simple accompaniment to any meal. It’s refined flavors and creamy texture delights will excite your tastebuds. You will learn the technique to make your risotto creamy and al dente. We’ll also talk about the endless variations to risotto while we make, risotto with pancetta and asparagus, a risotto with white cheddar and gruyere cheese and a my favorite, classic risotto with fragrant saffron and shallots.

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