Folding A Chinese Dumplings

Folding Chinese Dumpling The Chinese love their dim sum and they make an array of varieties. In this recipe, I wanted to add tofu a flavor uncommon in the Chinese dumpling.  There are no limits to the stuffing, choose all vegetables if you like a vegetarian dumpling. Unfortunately, folding the dumpling can be daunting, however, with a little practice, you will become an expert.  Hence, the video Folding Chinese Dumplings will put a few tricks up your sleeve.  Buying pre-made wrappers will reducing your preparation time, this will make you envied by all your guests. There will be no end...Read More

Hungarian dumpling Video demonstration

Hungarian Dumpling Video Demonstration In Hungary, the Mother of the house would typically make their own pasta for dinner.  While you might find that it can be daunting in the middle of the week, I find Nokedli is fast, because once the technique is down, it is quick to make. The Hungarian dumpling video demonstration will help you master the process.  I describe these dumpling as pillows of goodness. Try substituting the Nokedli for pasta in any dish.  They're great with chicken and stews, and add a special touch to every meal.  I serve them with Káposztás Tészta and sometimes with Chicken Paprikash.