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About Victoria Balas and Culinary Immigration Cooking School

Being a culinary enthusiast I’ve traveled many countries learning from the best in home chefs this world has to offer. These talented women birthed in me a passion for creating meals of history, with purity of flavor and a simple satisfaction a home cooked meal gives. I am a daughter of Irish immigrants and my husband a son of Hungarian. We are privileged to share our rich traditions and recipes that have been passed down through the generations. We are also privileged to share the tradition and cuisines of the cultures that taught us the importance of family and community; they are the home chefs of the world.
Culinary Immigration cooking school is designed to connect with people passionate about eating, cooking and learning the culinary arts. Classes are kept small to ensure that personal attention is given to each student. Cooking is a community event that brings people from our community to a uniquely designed kitchen that encourages an exchange of camaraderie around food.



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