Sourdough Carrot Cake Muffin

A sourdough carrot cake muffin can start your morning off with a surprising taste, is it a dessert or breakfast? Well you be the judge.  I put half the sugar in for breakfast and bust it for dessert. Sourdough carrot cake muffins are very versatile. You can add coconut, pineapple or shredded coconut. It will make it into a morning glory muffin! Life is too short not to enjoy the better things in life, like sourdough. Check out my other recipes for sourdough, you won't be disappointed.    

Orange Olive Oil Cake

Delicious orange olive oil cake for snack or breakfast. Easy to put together with just a few ingredients.  Dollop of ice cream makes this cake to die for.  The Italians know just how to make olive oil shine, with this Torta D'olio D'oliva. The olive oil makes this cake fragrant and moist.  You can add a bit of sourdough if you'd like to use up your discard. I enjoy making everything with sourdough.  

Focaccia Bread Recipe

Fast food in Italy is made with a traditional focaccia bread recipe. The Italians know just how we crave a delicious focaccia bread . Chewy, soft, with a light crust infused with olive oil and fresh herbs. As a meal with salad or enhanced as a pizza this focaccia bread recipe is a winner. I make traditional pizza or add a flare of flavor with onions, potatoes with dollops of mascarpone. Mama Mia it is the bomb. Focaccia can be used for sandwiches as well. If you can't eat it all, just cut in half and freeze. It can be...Read More
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French éclairs

There is nothing more satisfying than a French éclairs . This treat is hard to resist. Perfecting the choux dough is not difficult. It requires a bit of know how and that is what I want to teach you. The French eclair is filled with a pastry cream that is slightly stiffer than regular pudding. The French eclairs are an elegant dessert for guests or anytime you desire a sweet treat to satisfy your French-aholic mood.  
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Sourdough Discard Crackers

Do you have more sourdough than you know what to do with? Me too, that is why you need to make these sourdough discard crackers. They are great for dips or just snacking. Go crazy, I like to try many different herbs. Curry and black pepper is my favorite. Sourdough bread and crackers are a healthy alternative to yeast. Making minerals and vitamins available for you to absorb. Go ahead make these, I guarantee you'll like them.    

Sourdough Starter

Why Sourdough Yeast? Do you make your own sourdough artisan bread at home? Well now’s the time to make this delicious artisan bread. The results you’ll get at home will be unbelievable. This bread is billowing with bubbles and chewy with a thick chestnut brown crust. Your local baker may not even be able to replicate this sourdough artisan bread like you. If you don’t make a sourdough starter it’s not to late to give it a try, it’s easy.  If you don’t want to that’s okay, just make my No-knead basic bread with the same results! Learn why? The Phytic acid found in...Read More

Sourdough Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Sourdough oatmeal raisin cookie is my favorite. They are not too sweet or not too sour, they are just right, as Goldilocks would put it. Sourdough is also a healthy alternative to the super sweet cookies you normally buy at the supermarket. I always decrease sugar in each recipe to make the cookie a better alternative to Quaker's recipe and others. This sourdough oatmeal raisin cookie is terrific with chocolate chips, nuts or even the yummy prune! Try my other sourdough cookie recipe

Butter Croissant Recipe

This French style butter croissant recipe is layers of buttery goodness, with a lofty dough that flakes, crunches and makes a down right mess! I plan to make chocolate and almond croissants with my day old ones, if there are any.  The butter croissant is a French viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin, named for its historical crescent shape. They made it in a crescent moon shape which was the symbol on the Ottoman flag. It was to remind everyone of their victory over the Ottoman Turks. Don't put off making this delicious pastry. You will not regret eating these croissants. Learn from the French,...Read More
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New York Style Sourdough Bagel

New York style sourdough bagel you say? Oh yes, love this deli style bagel. A long fermentation develops the dough making it chewy, light and delicious.  Add raisins, cinnamon, seeds or jalapeños and cheese for delicious variations. Spread with creme cheese and a slice of smoked salmon and enjoy.
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Homemade Cavatelli Dough

Cavatelli means little caves because of the pocket that is done with you thumb, similar to gnocchi. The homemade cavatelli dough has three ingredients, water, durum flour and salt. The dough is rolled into a long rope the with of your pinky finger and then cut into 1/4" pieces. Take each piece and roll between your palm to make the shape of a log. Place on flour dusted surface, using your index finger smash and roll bring the dough towards you. The result will be a gnocchi like pocket. Italians use a tool called cavarole board to make a pattern...Read More
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Homemade Pasta Dough

There is nothing like homemade pasta dough. Pasta is enjoyed everyday in Italy. I make it twice a month for my family. It is simple to put together. If you can't eat it all at one time it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days. You can also dry the pasta using a pasta drying rack. Serve with your favorite sauce and a homemade sourdough loaf. I have an instructional video for you if you need some visualization. Rolling the dough out can be done with a pasta machine or an attachment to your KitchenAid mixer....Read More
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Chinese Chicken Dumpling

Chinese chicken dumpling AKA the potsticker. A flavorful filling of chicken and cilantro stem that lend a robust flavor along with the traditional ginger and soy sauce. Not only is the filling delicious the dough is just a perfect texture and chew you'll only find in homemade dough. Don't be intimidated by the dough, it is not difficult to make, just takes a bit of muscle to knead. I will use the metric system for the chicken and dry ingredients for more accurate measurements. If you don't have a scale there are metric conversions online that are helpful.

Chinese Egg Roll

The Chinese have been well known for their egg rolls over the years. However, these egg rolls are special. My son-in-laws family fled China in the late 30's because of WW2 when the Japanese invaded. They fled to the Philippines and shortly after the Japanese invaded that country also. Melvin's family feared persecution and annihilation so they moved to the mountains where they lived for many years. In the 70's his parents moved to the U.S.A and this is were Melvin was born. So what makes these egg rolls different? It is the wrapper, which is very similar to the...Read More
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Homemade Ramen Noodles

Did you ever think you could make Homemade Ramen Noodles? Remember those days in the college dorm?  Boiling a package of dried ramen noodles and adding the powder flavoring they called broth? It was adequate in your younger days, when flavor was not your primary concern, just sustenance. Now we're all grown up and want a more sophisticated broth and noodle. Culinary Immigration is where you'll get the knowhow to making your own Homemade Ramen Noodles and broth that will rival the local Japanese restaurant. You'll want to get the family in on all the fun making the noodles. You...Read More
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