Quick Puff Pastry

100 grams water

3/4 teaspoons salt

50 grams of butter, softened, (Kerrygold unsalted butter)

250 grams of bread flour

125 grams butter, softened,  (Kerrygold unsalted butter)

Place water and salt together in a cup and dissolve the salt. 

In a large bowl add the 50 grams of softened butter. Mix with a whisk and then add the flour

Mix together until all the butter is incorporated into the flour. 

Add the water and fold and scrape with a spatula. Once the water is somewhat incorporated begin to knead in the bowl. Knead until all the flour is incorporated and the dough is soft. Cover for 10 minutes. 

After the allotted time place on a lightly dusted floured surface and roll into a large rectangle, 1/2 inch thick. 

Place the 125 grams of butter and spread out onto the surface of the dough. Fold into thirds. Work quickly, roll the dough out again into a rectangle, pushing lightly and not pressing the ends out. If the butter seeps out fold and place into the refrigerator to cool down. Roll and fold 3 times and then place into the refrigerator for 1 hour. 

When you are ready to roll and form the dough remove it from the refrigerator. Roll out into a 1/2-inch rectangle. Cut into 3 sections. Take  2 of the sections and wrap them placing them into the refrigerator to keep them cool.  With the one section cut it in half and in thirds. You will have 3 squares. On one half of the square make 3 cuts through the dough, on the other side place a dollop of jam or chocolate ganache. Fold into a triangle making sure the sliced side is up. Don’t press the edges down. Place onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and continue with the remaining pieces. 

Once all your pastry is finished brush each one with egg yolk and sprinkle with sugar. 

Bake at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes until puffed and golden brown. 

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