Celebrating Womanhood

I see great possibilities for being a woman. I know that we all are created equal in God's eyes and that there is not the color of your skin or how beautiful you are, that will stop your success as a woman. My granddaughter asked my husband, "Who is smarter men or women?, I think men", she blurted out. He smiled and said, I think you are mistaken, both men and women are equally smart. Everyone has the potential to gain knowledge and succeed in whatever they put their hands to doing. I was proud of my husband for giving...Read More

Safe Knife Skills

Safe knife skills are very important to the home chef. Knowing just how to cut with a knife is crucial to avoid mishaps. Get tips on products to buy to make your life easier. It is very dangerous using a dull knife, that is why it is important to have a good sharpener. Safe knife skills should be the most important culinary skill to learn. Throughout my life I have tried many sharpeners. I have found that the Bavarian Edge works on straight edge and serrated edges alike.

Vegan and Gluten Free Cookie Video

Delicious and healthy way to make cookies! Try my other gluten free recipes!

Gluten Free Buns

Gluten Free Bread Finally a gluten-free dinner roll recipe that tastes like the real thing. I have tried many recipes with little results. These gluten free rolls are fluffy and resemble the gluten counterpart. They can be made in a short amount of time and there is no kneading because they are without gluten.  Try them tonight for a family treat.

Easy Avocado Hummus

 Avocado Hummus Nothing could be easier to make than this Easy Avocado Hummus.  Healthy and full of flavor, serve with tortilla chips or veggies.  It is sure to please kids and adults with its creamy satisfying flavor.

Dicing and Slicing Onion Demonstration

Dicing and Slicing Onion Demonstration Dicing and slicing onions can be intimidating.  It takes a lot of practice to perfect the technic. However, slow in the beginning is best, so you won't chop your fingers off!  Taking the time to cut and slice properly will ensure it gets done without incident.  Watch this dicing slicing onion demonstration to save your fingers and help you develop the best technique.  Also, be sure to use a sharp knife.  Knives are critical to the home cook.  Investing in a good quality knife is relatively inexpensive since it will last you a lifetime.  I've had my Henckel knife for...Read More

Falafel Video Demonstration

Falafel Video Demonstration Falafel is the quintessential fast food of the middle east.  In the Arab quarters, each falafel restaurant serves a different type than their neighbor. Each shop has their recipe and each Arab their favorite falafel shop.  If you ask me, I think they are all delicious no matter who makes them. Packed with protein the falafel makes a great dinner or snack when you need a pick me up.  Try making my pita bread and hummus to accompany the falafel for an authentic Arab meal.  

Maqluba Video Demonstration

Maqluba video demonstration will help you see just how easy this recipe is to make. (Sorry for the bad quality video!) My friend Christine demonstrates the process of making this traditional dish.  It is a one pot dish that Arab mothers make for their children to enjoy weekly. They even change up the ingredients depending on what you have on hand.  Like maybe a beef with eggplant, onion, and carrots. I was privileged to stay with my friends and eat this beautiful dish in their home.  They serve it will pickles, yogurt, and olives.  It truly is a one pot...Read More

Middle Eastern Dumpling

The Dakwar family and their recipes have stood the test of time and their middle eastern dumpling are a family favorite.  Imm Amen which we affectionately call Taayta keeps the family heritage passed on to the next generation.  Everyday we would have our dinner at 2pm, which we spent the morning making in earnest.  I was privileged to learn from her these recipes and their families time honored traditions. They are a very sociable culture and generous to a fault.  I love every bit of their personality, community, and generosity.   Our days were lazily spent, cooking, and drinking tea having a great conversation. I have learned much from this family, therefore...Read More

Folding A Chinese Dumplings

Folding Chinese Dumpling The Chinese love their dim sum and they make an array of varieties. In this recipe, I wanted to add tofu a flavor uncommon in the Chinese dumpling.  There are no limits to the stuffing, choose all vegetables if you like a vegetarian dumpling. Unfortunately, folding the dumpling can be daunting, however, with a little practice, you will become an expert.  Hence, the video Folding Chinese Dumplings will put a few tricks up your sleeve.  Buying pre-made wrappers will reducing your preparation time, this will make you envied by all your guests. There will be no end...Read More

Victoria’s Photography

Victoria's Photography Food photography is a challenging process.  The lighting is critical to the quality of an image.  Thankfully my kitchen is full of windows to help me make the most of the food's appearance. Victoria's photography is my attempt to convey food artistry on my website. I wouldn't call myself a professional photographer, only a novice.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hopefully, my photography will make you hungry.  

Hungarian dumpling Video demonstration

Hungarian Dumpling Video Demonstration In Hungary, the Mother of the house would typically make their own pasta for dinner.  While you might find that it can be daunting in the middle of the week, I find Nokedli is fast, because once the technique is down, it is quick to make. The Hungarian dumpling video demonstration will help you master the process.  I describe these dumpling as pillows of goodness. Try substituting the Nokedli for pasta in any dish.  They're great with chicken and stews, and add a special touch to every meal.  I serve them with Káposztás Tészta and sometimes with Chicken Paprikash.
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