The Immigrant’s Story

Country of Immigrants

Immigrants forged by a country, molded by hard work and determination. They want a better life, leaving their country of origin is a difficult decision, their reasons for leaving are numerous. The world is a complex place, and people are faced with political persecution, another come for financial gain, even disasters from war and famine can force them to flee. Most of all they come for freedom to raise their family in peace and security. Whatever the reason, they come, to contribute their toil and tears to make this country better.

Their desire to feed and nourish their loved ones brought our culinary revival. Every state in America filled with this cross-cultural feast, from Mexican cantinas to Chinese restaurants. Right or wrong Americans desire the flavors from around the world.

No longer is American cuisine epitomized by meat and potatoes. We are a melting pot of spices, brimming with character and an appetite for more.

Join me as I introduce you to immigrant families in my community. They will share their recipes and quest for the American dream.


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