Evening Classes

Irish oatmeal scones

In Person Classes are Opening up January 2021.

I am truly excited to get cooking with you again! We will start with the classes that were cancelled because of Covid. All those students that didn’t receive a refund can make them up at that time. If the class is not full others can join too.

All class ingredients are used with Organic meats, dairy and vegetables 

SOLD OUT, Tuesday, January 5th,  6:30-8:30pm, Homemade Ravioli class, $65, The romance of Italy is in their pasta. Ravioli are made everyday in homes by hand in Italy. We will make homemade pasta and roll them into a tender ravioli filled with creamy ricotta and topped with a delicious homemade traditional pesto sauce. Amo i ravioli!

SOLD OUT, Thursday, January 7th, 6:30-8:30pm, Homemade Chili Relleno, $85, You won’t be disappointed with this truly authentic relleno accompanied by a red sauce. Eating out won’t be an option when you make them for yourself. Dark green, mild pasilla chili stuffed with jack cheese and dipped in a pillowy egg batter and fried, laid atop a rich, red, smoky sauce. An exotic adventure awaits, you will think you’ve arrived in Tijuana after this meal.

SOLD OUT, Monday, January 11th, 6:30-8:30pm, Authentic Mother Mole, $85,  A recipe by Enrique Olvera, Mexico’s favorite chef. Learn the technique of making real mole rojo. The classic mole is sweet, spicy and filled with exotic flavors for a one of a kind sauce that only Mexico could create. We will dip fresh flour tortillas into the mole as to not interrupt the exquisite flavors. We will also make a delicious refried black beans to accompany our mole and tortillas.

Wednesday, January 13th, 6:30-8:30pm, The Coral Reef Class, $85, Explore the world of the coral reef in this class. We’ll make a potsticker filled with a Polynesian style crab rangoon, and my childhood favorite foil wrapped chicken from the Coral Reef in Sacramento, CA. A sweet and aromatic chicken that is wrapped in foil and steamed. The Coral Reef no longer exist, however it does in my memories and recipe box.

Tuesday, January 19th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Japanese Ice Cream Mochi , $65, Ice Cream Mochi are pricey, the kids can devour them in a matter of moments, that’s why you’ll want to make them! This treat is gluten free and will be made with a variety of sorbet and ice cream. Rice flour and a little know how and you will have a traditional Japanese ice cream dessert.

Thursday, January 21st, 6:30-8:30pm, Tamale Cooking Class, $85 per person, Join me for a taste of Old Mexico in the Northwest. We’ll stuff our tamales with roasted chiles and cheese and topped with an aromatic chile verde sauce. Learn how much fun it is to roll tamales and make it a family tradition in your home.

Monday, January 25th, 6:30-8:30pm, Chinese Pork Bao Cooking Class, $85 per person, Master the techniques of one of China’s traditional buns, the BBQ Pork Bao.  No trips to Pike’s Place after you have learned this traditional buns secret. Filled with savory asian bbq pork and fragrant sauce. 

Monday, January 27th, 6:30-8:30pm, Magical Sourdough Class, $85, There are a myriad of uses for sourdough. Not only does it make delicious bread, but added to muffins, pancakes, crepes, cakes the list goes on. You will learn how to use this miracle potion to benefit your health and well being. We will prepare, morning glory muffins, as well as a sourdough mini loaf and you’ll get to take sourdough starter home to get a quick start on this healthy potion!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm, Vegan Indian Butter Paneer Class, $85 per person, “A simple meal at home is better than an elaborate one while away.”  We’ll prepare Butter Panner dish  which epitomizes a simple meal while being vegan, if you have the know-how.  Invented at a restaurant in Delhi in 1950’s, now in America, it is widely popular. Made with tandoori chicken traditional, we’ll be using panner cheese for a vegetarian meal served in this rich  tomato gravy, with butter and cream, accompanied with basmati rice. Oh, and don’t forget that flavorful naan which we will make!

Thursday, February 4th, 6:30-8:30pm, Skills and Techniques Class, $85 per person, Skills in the kitchen are extremely important, wether it is using knives, making sauces, emulsions, or mayonnaise. You’ll learn the proper way to cut with knives, to dice onions, julienne vegetables and herbs. You’ll also learn to make emulsions you use everyday, like mayonnaise, salad dressings, hollandaise sauce and the French béchamel sauce which we’ll make mac and cheese with. We will serve our sauces with fresh vegetables and serve the hollandaise with a soft boiled egg and béchamel as mac and cheese.