Serves 6 - 8
authentic middle eastern hummus

Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus Recipe

Authentic Middle Eastern hummus is served on family tables and enjoyed every day.  They serve it with breakfast, lunch and dinner.   This recipe is authentic and can be made quick and easy.  Hummus is full of protein and can be served as a vegetarian meal along with a salad and pita bread.  Use as a dip, mix it up with some hot sauce and tortilla chips for a Mexican flare.

I use my Vitamix 5300 for hummus and just about everything.  Every morning I make a healthy smoothy and at night a healthy soup.  Serve this wonderful dip with my pita bread recipe.

authentic middle eastern hummus

1 can garbanzo beans 

1 cup tahina (sesame paste)

½ cup fresh lemon juice

2 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon kosher salt

Fresh ground pepper to taste

¼ teaspoon cumin

3 ice cubes


Olive oil

Toasted pine nuts

Sumac or paprika

Fresh parsley

Drain 1 can of garbanzo beans into a large bowl.  Cover the beans with cold water.  Rub the beans between your hands to remove the skins. Once the skins are removed take them out of the water be skimming them off the top.  Drain the beans and set aside. 

Place all the liquid ingredients into a heavy duty blender (vita mix or blendtec).  Now add the garlic, beans, salt, pepper, cumin and ice cubes.  Start blending immediately. It should blend on a lower speed. It will fold in on itself, process until it looks smooth. If it is to thick add 1⁄8 cup cold water, stir in with a spatula.  Now try blending again.  It should be smooth and creamy as you see in the picture.

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