Pondering Covid and what it’s done to my business…..

I’ve been pondering the future this winter which has been long and blustery. I’ve enjoyed the cold gray days with a hot cup of coffee and my computer.  It takes a lot of time cooking and inserting my recipes into the website.

As you can see I’ve started cooking classes this February with limited students. Covid has hit my business very hard and zoom classes were a flop.  I hope I can fill at least 3 spots for each in person classes I’ve posted this month, until I’m closed again because of Covid. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’m excited to share my recipes with my community.  Each one has been tested and proven by the generation of cooks in my family. These tried and true recipes that I have great confidence in is what we will cook together. However, I’m a bit nervous since I’ve never done cooking classes with the public before.  My daughter and friends say I’ll do fine since they see that I am a great cook.  I know that once I start cooking my nerves will settle down and I will be in my comfort zone.

I believe it will be very rewarding to spend time cooking and chatting with women and men that share the same passion for food. Even if you don’t like to cook or can’t, you’ll enjoy the fellowship and great food around my table. After all, the “Family table is the fabric of life and the meal is the stitch that links them together.”

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