Serves 4 - 6
Hungarian Nokedli dumpling

Dumplings (Nokedli Szaggató )

Delicious pillows of goodness are how I describe these dumplings. Easy to make and add to anything that requires a noodles. Our family serves them with chicken paprika and káposztás tészta, which is a bacon, cabbage and noodle dish.  I believe these are the best dumplings to use with any dish that has a sauce or stew.  They do well in chicken soup, beef stew and even with a pasta sauce.  I like that they are free formed and rustic, more to bite into than spaetzle.

Cutting these dumplings on a board is easy, but can intimidate some.  If you find that the case try using this spaetzle gadget above, which makes it fast and easy from Amazon

Hungarian Nokedli dumpling

1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

2 eggs

1 Tbsp. sour cream

1/2 Tsp. kosher salt

Beat until fluffy and pulls away from the bowl.  Place on a small cutting board and scrape small pieces into boiling salted water.  Cook until Nokedli rise to the top.  Drain and add to Chicken Paprikash or Kaposztas Teszta.

6 thoughts on "Dumplings (Nokedli Szaggató )"

  1. Mio villagomez says:

    I remember standing at the stove with my grandma as she scraped the dough into boiling water. These dumplings were made often with the Hungarian and german food grandma cooked. She was exquisite in the kitchen.

  2. Charlotte says:

    This just brought back some memories for me tonight.. my Hungarian great grandma made several kinds of noodles but these were my favourite by far .. making tonight and thinking of her ❤️

  3. Sari Hendershot says:

    where can I get Large holed Nokedli szagatto?

  4. I use this for nokedli

  5. You’ll have to scrape them off a board to get bigger pieces. I have a video demonstration Or try the spaetzle maker on this page.

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