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zucchini pickles

Zucchini pickles

Zucchini season is winding down and the age old question remains.  What can I make with all this squash? No worries, try this slightly sweet curry, turmeric zucchini pickle. The end product is sweet, pleasantly tangy, mildly hot and vividly yellow.  Use these little crunchy pickles on hamburgers, hot dogs or in your tuna. They are also tasty when accompanied by a sandwich and chips.

zucchini pickles

2 1/2 lb zucchini

2 cups apple cider vinegar

2 cups water

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons pickling salt

1 tablespoon curry powder

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger

1 tablespoon whole mustard seeds

1 teaspoon dill seeds

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon chili pepper

Wash the zucchini and then, using a mandoline, cut into 1/2 inch slices.

In a large pot, combine apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, salt, curry, turmeric, ginger, mustard seeds, chili peppers and dill seeds. Bring to a boil and add the zucchini and onions.  Cook 5 minutes, until the liquid returns to a boil and the zucchini start to turn yellow.

Pack the zucchini mixture into pint jars and cover with liquid.  Use a chopstick to ensure there aren’t any air bubbles trapped between the zucchini slices.  Wipe the rims off and apply the rings and process in a water bath for 10 minutes.

When the jars have returned to room temperature, remove the rings and test the seals. Sealed jars can be stored in a cool, dark place for one year.  If any jar didn’t seal, place in refrigerator and use promptly.  Let pickles remain for 48 hours before eating.

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