Serves 4 - 6
    Hungarian cabbage bacon dumpling recipe Káposztás Tészta

    Hungarian Cabbage, Bacon Pasta (KaposztáS TéSzta)

    Hungarian cabbage, bacon, pasta recipe, Káposztás Tészta is one of my families favorite Hungarian meals. Immigrant Hungarians use the cabbage for just about everything.  When it has fully cooked it transforms into a sweet delicacy.  My kid’s would devour this dish asking for more the next day.  Little did they know they were eating “cabbage.”  The Nokedli dumplings make this authentic dish worth the effort.

    Hungarian cabbage bacon dumpling recipe Káposztás Tészta

    1 medium head of cabbage chopped into 1” cubes

    1 onion diced

    1 garlic crushed

    1/2 lb. bacon cut into 1/4” slices

    1 tablespoon paprika

    1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

    1/4 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

    2 tablespoons olive oil if needed (optional)

    1 Nokedli dumpling recipe 

    Nokedli recipe

    Heat a large dutch oven, when it is hot add the chopped bacon.  Midway through frying the bacon add the diced onions.  Cook together until they are brown and bacon is crisp.  Add some oil if there is not enough fat from the bacon remaining.  Now to the bacon and onion mixture add the chopped cabbage, crushed garlic, paprika, mix. Cover and let the cabbage wilt, stirring intermittently until it has reduced its size and become soft.

    While the cabbage is cooking prepare the dumplings. When the Nokedli dumplings are cooked add them to the cabbage mixture.  Adjust for salt and heat through.  Serve

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